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Insta360 85cm invisible selfie stick

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Insta360 85cm invisible selfie stick
85cm Invisible Selfie Stick
  • Includes removable Selfie Stick Sleeve for a more comfortable grip.
  • Auto-removed in 360º shots for insane third-person views and impossible angles.
  • Retracts down to be pocket-sized to use anytime, anywhere.
  • Invisible Selfie Stick effect can only be achieved with 360º cameras.
  • Note: When this product is used with Ace Pro & Ace, users must purchase the Quick Release Mount or 3-Prong to 1/4" Adapter, sold separately.
  • This product is not compatible with Insta360's X3/X2 Carry Case; please use the X4 Carry Case for storage.


85cm Invisible Selfie Stick

Wider angles in your pocket.

Now you see it... you don't! The Invisible Selfie Stick automatically disappears from 360º footage for impossible follow-shots and third-person angles.

Wider angles.

Extends to 850mm for a wider, more natural angle. Perfect for selfies and high-angle shots.

Portable and pocket-sized.

Folds down to the size of your hand for easy on-the-go storage, ready to use anytime, anywhere.

Get a grip.

Includes a removable Selfie Stick Sleeve for a more comfortable grip, especially when using it for long periods of time.

Upgraded strength.

More stable and reliable for high-intensity action.

In the Box

1x 85cm Invisible Selfie Stick

1x Selfie Stick Sleeve (for 114cm/85cm Invisible Selfie Stick)

Retracted length:

194mm (7.64in)

Extended length:

850mm (33.5in)


119g (4.2oz)


23.5mm (0.9in)


Aluminum alloy

  1. The Selfie Stick Sleeve is designed not to block the 1/4" screw on the bottom of the selfie stick.
  2. When the selfie stick isn't being held by hand, it's recommended to remove the sleeve to ensure the selfie stick remains completely invisible.



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